Texturised wallpaper Novita, N265, Italian courtyard, 200х270 см

Производитель: Novita
Код Товара: novita265

  • Наличие: В наличии

NOVITA — designer collection of wall murals and photo panels European quality from Russian factory ARTPOLYGRAF.
Hot stamping Wallpaper on non-woven basis. In production modern materials and inks of high quality are used.

Novita collection is based on the latest trends in the fashion world. Yesterday these trends were demonstrated on the catwalks of the fashion capital, and today they are implemented in the decoration of the walls.
Photo Wallpapers Novita fully implement the concept of fashion accessibility for residents of large and small cities.

Novita:  Fashion to everyone!

Installation: Quick and easy installation on glue for non-woven Wallpaper, the system of gluing "butt to butt". 

Теги: novita, stairs, masonry, building, wall, flowers, street, nature

Color Авторские Обои