Flexible Fresco white BREZETTA for ending wallcovering and printing solutions by ECO, UV or LATEX ink

Производитель: ECOFRESCO
Код Товара: Flexible Fresco BREZETTA

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Material: flexible  BREZETTA. Special flexible material For digital printing with Ecosolvent, Latex or UV ink for WALL DECORATION and other surface
Color:      White Stucco Fresco  
Dimensions:  3,2м х 5м

Nonwoven base with textured stucco cover, total size: 500 x 320 cm (width x height). Ended wallcovering material. May be used for digital printing (UV, LATEX, Ecosolvent) Cardboard tube paking

May be used as wallpaper as finishing cover without printing

Теги: Flexible Fresco, BREZETTA, wallcovering, printing, ECO, UV, LATEX, ink, BRiZETTA, brizeta

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