Finished wallpaper with a specialized ultra durable coated ANTIMARKER© " BIRDS" A1002

Производитель: Антимаркер
Код Товара: A1002

  • Наличие: В наличии

The finished wallpaper with a specialized ultra durable coated ANTIMARKER© 

  • Ecologial Wallpaper - its has e3AWARD
  • Unique design; 
  • Wallpaper does not absorb any fat,dirt,ink,paint,marker, plasticine, etc. ; 
  • Wallpaper can really be cleaned with household chemicals and even acetone; 
  • glued one large canvas, i.e., it is not necessary to collect the Wallpapers from pieces ; 
  • perfectly visible picture - matte surface; 

Canvas SIZE: 1,5 x 2,7 m.

PACKAGING: tube height 1.5 m, weight 1 kg.

DELIVERY across Russia and the CIS.

CONSULTATIONS and the ORDER of the Wallpapers by phone (495) 649-48-76

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